Landscape Lighting

Strategically Placed Outdoor Lighting Offers A Range Of Benefits

Take a neighborhood walk after dark. Unlit buildings appear forlorn at best, vulnerable or menacing at worst. By contrast, those lighted to accentuate their strengths are more attractive, welcoming and safer. Interior designers know that how a space is lit can make it or break it. Outside spaces deserve no less. You need to not only enjoy the aesthetic look of the property, you also need to be able to move safely and securely through the space.

Landscape Lighting for the homeowner

What is Professional Landscape Lighting? It is one of the most beneficial return on investments that you can have. It accomplishes this in five ways:

SAFE PASSAGE: by highlighting  steps, walls and changes in a path’s elevation or direction it allows individuals to safely navigate to their destination.

SECURITY: light has long been determined to be the number one deterrent of criminal activity. Landscape Lighting provides this security without the ugly “prison yard” effect that large spot lights produce.

COMFORT: lighting properly placed can naturally create a sense of relaxation. Returning home at night to a professionally designed landscape with well balanced lighting naturally gives you a sense of well being.

USABILITY: you have invested a substantial amount of money on your landscape, a professionally designed lighting system allows you the opportunity to see a return on the investment during the evening hours as well as the daytime hours. Your outdoor area has now become an extension of the home.

VALUE: all of the above items do one important thing for you…INCREASE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE

Electricity is our profession.

Lighting is our passion.

IllumiNIGHTing is our art.

RLI Electric is proud to announce its IllumiNIGHTing package. The IllumiNIGHTing package will take you from initial concept to final completion. With the ability to design a system to your particular needs or desires, we can provide an actual demonstration of what you would see as a final product. We can work hand in hand with you, the designer or the landscaper to give you the IllumiNIGHTed landscape you have always envisioned.

The equipment in landscape lighting is critical to its functionality. The products we use are not the kind you would find in your local home improvement warehouse. The products we use are well built with commercial grade quality. Designed to last, they use proper coatings, seals and solid materials. The transformers we use all have a LIFETIME warranty and the light fixtures have warranties that start at three years.  Our LED lamps all have a five year manufacturers warranty. RLI Electric is not vendor specific which means we will use the particular fixture that is right for the particular job.

Landscape Lighting design differs from interior lighting in the respect that the exterior is always changing. In the interior of your home, the lighting will typically not change unless a renovation is happening. This is not the case with landscape lighting. The gardens which are lit, evolve all the time. This is due to not only acquiring new plants but also the fact that external forces can change your garden’s design. Specimen plants or trees can be compromised by disease, insects or even an ice storm. The flexibility of the landscape lighting design and the equipment is critical. Proper design combined with skilled installation allows you the ability to evolve your lighting with your garden.

One thing that can be certain, every evening will bring darkness. IllumiNIGHTing allows you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your outdoors… night.

Robert Isleib, owner of RLI Electric, is available to do lectures and displays of landscape lighting to garden clubs, civic organizations, home builder associations and local adult education providers.

We offer temporary lighting systems for outdoor activities such as weddings, family reunions, graduation parties, birthday parties and any other activity that could benefit from having the area safely (yet aesthetically) lit.

Who, exactly is allowed to install low voltage landscape lighting?

In the state of Connecticut you must carry an electrical license to legally install low voltage landscape lighting systems. To see the State of Connecticuts official answer to this question please visit the DCP site on