Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance of a landscape lighting system is imperative. Unlike any other system in a home, a landscape lighting system is subjected to the most difficult environments. What are the contributing factors to a lighting system that is compromised or degraded? The following:

Extreme cold/freezing

Extreme heat and humidity

Plant growth and/or death






Damage from pedestrian or pet traffic

Corrosive elements such as fertilizers

UV damage from the sun

Lack of maintenance or care


We are happy to service the lighting systems that we installed by doing the following on a Lighting Maintenance Service Call:


Clean lenses of fixtures

Adjust fixtures for plant growth

Adjust any fixtures that are leaning due to frost heaves

Adjust timers as necessary

Trim or prune back vegetation that is covering the light output

Ensure lamps are working fully

Re-lamp where necessary (lamp is free while under warranty)

Adjust for tree growth on tree-mounted fixtures

Check gaskets for wear or dry rot

Check transformer terminals

Remove any mulch that may be covering fixtures

Update maintenance record accordingly.

Removal of fixtures from areas that are no longer needed

Walkthrough to discuss further expansion of the lighting system to other areas of the property.